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Subscribing to Twitter Accounts From Pleroma

We have a dedicated Pleroma instance at twitter.oksocial.net which is using the Stork Pleroma bot to mirror Twitter accounts for our users who want to move full-time into the Mastodon-compatible world but still be able to follow folks who are remaining on Twitter; mirrored accounts are all named in the format (TWITTER NAME)@twitter.oksocial.net. While anyone is welcome to subscribe to the mirror accounts, we're only taking requests for accounts to mirror from OKSocial users. After we've automated the process of creating a mirror account, we'll look at making that more widely available as well.

The mirroring bot uses nitter to make Twitter API calls and convert the tweet streams into RSS for Stork. It has previously used 12joan's twitter-client (and before that it had talked directly to Twitter's API through a registered app), but nitter is currently not functional after some changes in Twitter's API. The nitter instance is available directly at nitter.oksocial.net.

OKSocial users can request an account be added for following by contacting the HQ Pleroma account at oksocial@morph.oksocial.net.

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