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Terms of Service

OKSocial operates on the Kingdom of Loathing policies; borrowing liberally from their most excellent document, let's go with the following:

Being a jackass will get your posts removed and possibly get your account restricted, suspended or deleted.

Community and private servers hosted by OKSocial may extend this with local policies of their own; any additional policies will be noted on the signup page.

As long as we're borrowing their community rules wholesale, we may as well borrow their Privacy Policy while we're here:

We do in fact log all activity on the servers, and clearly any content you enter into the system will be on our servers. We will follow the privacy rules you set for your content to the best of our abilities, though sometimes in the course of moderator or admin responsibilities we will have to look at some content not marked public. We will not share any logged activity or non-public content except as necessary to operate the system or enforce these policies.

The profile of the podmin (on diaspora*) or admin (on Pleroma) account on each server contains that server's physical location and thus the legal jurisdiction in which it resides.

This version of our policies is effective as of 2019-11-13. If we have to change them, prior versions will be listed below.

No Ifs No Ands No Buts

That's OK, right?